Station GuideHakone-Yumoto Station

Station Map

Facilities Within and Near the Station

  1. Hakone Freepass and Ticket Vendor

    The General Service Counter at the Hakone-Yumoto Station Concourse provides assistance to visitors to Hakone such as sightseeing information, and arrangement of day trips and accommodations. The Counter also offers various other services such as sales of tickets including the Hakone Free Pass, currency exchange, and baggage storage, and has foreign language speaking personnel to provide smooth support to international visitors.

  2. Ticket Gates

    The ticket gates are on the second floor.

  3. Coin-Operated Lockers

    Coin-operated lockers are located in four spots around the station.
    ・Directly in front of the ticket gates
    ・In front of the station
    ・Inside the Hakone Sightseeing Information Center
    ・The 1st floor taxi departures area

  4. Hakonemachi Tourist Information Center (Visit Japan Information Center)

    Visitors can find sightseeing information on Hakone here. Travel resources and guidance is available in English, Chinese, and Korean.
    *Hours: 9:00 AM-5:45 PM
    *Not all languages are available at all times

  5. Bento and Souvenirs Hakone-no-ichi

    This bento and souvenir shop offers a wide variety of products and is open until 9:00 PM.

  6. Taxi Stand

    Hakone Tozan Taxi is waiting for you. We recommend using it for sightseeing if you travel in a group or if you're in a hurry.

  7. Hakone Tozan bus stops
    (to Kowakien, Motohakone-ko, Hakonemachi-ko, Sengoku-Togendai, Gotemba Premium Outlets®)

    Platform 2
    - H Line: Hakonemachi Line - to Motohakone-ko, Hakonemachi-ko (via Miyanoshita, Kowakien)
    - R Line: Hakone Shindo Line - to Motohakone-ko, Hakonemachi-ko (via Shin-Hatajukubashi)

    Platform 3
    - T Line: Togendai Line - to Miyagino, Sengoku, Togendai
    - TP Line: Todendai Line - to Pola Art Museum
    - L Line: Yumoto-Outlet Line - to Miyagino, Sengoku, Gotemba Premium Outlet®

    Platform 4
    - K Line: Hakone Kyukaido Line - to Hatajuku, Motohakone-ko

  8. Hakone Tozan Bus Stop (to Odawara Station)

    Platform 5
    To Odawara Station


Hakone Baggage Service (Luggage Delivery Service)

This is a service we recommend to anyone who wishes to leave at the station and enjoy sightseeing hassle-free. Entrust your luggage to the Hakone Baggage Service (Luggage Delivery Service) Counter within Hakone Yumoto Station and it will be delivered to your hotel. You can also use the service to send your luggage from the hotel to the station! This way, you can freely enjoy sightseeing before departure.