Station Guide


Station Map

  • Train platform
  • Building facilities
  • Bus platform
  • Train platform
  • 1st floor
  • 2nd floor
  • Elevator
  • Coin-operated Lockers
  • Temporary luggage drop-off
  • Ticket Counter
  • ATM
  • Rest room

Train platform

  1. Odakyu “Romancecar”

    “Platform 1: Limited Express “Romancecar”
    For the Limited Express “Romancecar”, use this platform.”

  2. Local train for Odawara

    Platform 2: For Odawara
    For trains for Odawara, use this platform.

  3. Hakone Tozan Railway for Gora

    Platform 3
    To transfer to the Hakone Tozan Railway for Gora, use this platform.

Building facilities

  1. Escalator, stairs on platform

    To reach the ticket gate (2F) from the platform, use the stairs, escalator, or elevator.

  2. Hakone Baggage Service (Luggage Delivery Service)

    This service is recommended for anyone who wants to leave their luggage at the station so they can enjoy light handed travel. If you leave your luggage at the Hakone Baggage Service (Luggage Delivery Service) counter in the Hakone-Yumoto Station building, they will deliver it to your place of accommodation. You can also use this service when you checkout to have your luggage taken to Hakone-Yumoto Station. Enjoy light handed sightseeing right up until your return train!

  3. Ticket gate (2F)

    The ticket gate is on the 2nd floor. Fare adjustment and PASMO charge are also available at the counter.

  4. Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center Hakone-Yumoto

    Weekdays 9:00~20:00
    Weekends/Holidays 8:00~20:00 All year round
    Tickets, Odakyu “Romancecar” limited express tickets, Hakone Freepass, etc., are available. In addition, currency exchange and temporary luggage drop-off are available.

  5. Hakone-no-ichi Shop (souvenirs, Japanese bento lunchboxes)

    After exiting the ticket gate, on the lefthand side there is a souvenir shop where you can find many famous Hakone products.

  6. Hakone Cafe (bakery)

    Ekinaka’ cafe beside the ticket gate. You can enjoy speciality drip coffee, freshly baked bread, or a luxury deli menu devised by a hotel chef.

  7. Hakone Cafe (souvenirs)

    There is a sweets shop past the gates. The new classics – ‘Hakone roll’ and ‘Hakone pudding’ – make a good souvenir.

  8. Main exit

  9. Taxi rank

    Hakone Tozan Taxis are available.
    It’s recommended for those in a hurry and groups wishing to use a sightseeing taxi. The taxi rank is after the deck passage, where the buses towards Hakone are.

  10. Exit for buses towards Hakone

    The bus platform (Bus for Miyanoshita Station/Kowakien/Moto-Hakone-ko/Hakone-machi-ko/Sengoku/Togendai/Hatajuku/Kyukaido (Ancient Highway)) is after the deck passage at the opposite side of the station. The adjacent elevator and escalator (up only) can also be used.

  11. Hakone Tourist Information Center

    Tourist information is given in English, Chinese, and Korean.
    ※ Foreign language information service hours are reduced.

  12. Hakone Tozan Bus Yumoto Sales Office

    For those indecisive about their destination, a recommended course is offered.

Bus platform

  1. Platform 1

    Izu-Hakone Bus platform

  2. Platform 2

    For Moto-Hakone-ko/Hakone-machi-ko (via Miyanoshita Station/Kowakien/Ashinoyu)
    For Hakone-machi-ko/Moto-Hakone-ko (via Hakone-shindo)
  3. Platform 3

    For Togendai (via Miyanoshita Station/Miyagino/Sengoku)
    For Pola Museum of Art (via Miyanoshita Station/Miyagino/Sengoku)
    For Gotemba Premium Outlets®/Tokinosumika/Gotemba Kogen Beer (via Miyanoshita Station/Miyagino/Sengoku/Otome Pass)
  4. Platform 4

    For Kami-Hatajuku/Moto-Hakone-ko (via Kyukaido (Ancient Highway)/Amazake-chaya Tea House)

    Ashinoko Liner (direct) For Moto-Hakone-ko
    A Liner ticket is needed for use of the Ashinoko Liner

  5. Platform 5

    For Odawara Station

  6. Hakone-Yumoto Onsen Ryokan
    Shuttle bus platform

    A Hakone-Yumoto Onsen Ryokan shuttle bus operates from the rotary in front of the station. It is an orange microbus which can be boarded for 100 yen per trip (elementary school and under go free), fee upfront.

  7. Hakone Yuryo Shuttle Bus platform

Hakone-Yumoto Station overview


707-1 Yumoto-shiroishishita, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken,

Hakone Baggage Service (Luggage Delivery Service)

This is a service we recommend to anyone who wishes to leave at the station and enjoy sightseeing hassle-free. Entrust your luggage to the Hakone Baggage Service (Luggage Delivery Service) Counter within Hakone Yumoto Station and it will be delivered to your hotel. You can also use the service to send your luggage from the hotel to the station! This way, you can freely enjoy sightseeing before departure.