Dip into hot springs, visit exciting destinations, and indulge in delicious cuisine in Hakone.
Find out which spots to see and where to dine.

Trip Itineraries

Discover trip itineraries that are great whether you are a first-time visitor to Hakone or are coming back again.
There are a variety of themes and routes that will help you make the most out of your Hakone trip!

Onsen (Hot Springs)

Hakone has many hot springs, from outdoor hot springs with fantastic views to an onsen theme park.
Learn how you can enjoy the different hot springs in Hakone!


Discover art, museums, and fun things to do in Hakone.
See the top spots to go to in Hakone.


Enjoy a plethora of food in Hakone, from Japanese and French cuisine to hip cafes!
We’ve listed where to get delicious meals and desserts.


There are many fun activities you can try in Hakone, from activity courses in the forest to woodcraft workshops.
Learn more about immersing yourself in Hakone.


Shop in Hakone for traditional crafts like wood marquetry, and local sweets including onsen manju.
Here’s where to enjoy shopping.


Events are held year-round in Hakone.
Find out when to visit.