Before Your Trip

Find out how to get to Hakone from major cities like Tokyo and Osaka, discover the Hakone area and its seasonal highlights, and learn about discounts for sightseeing.

Hakone Area Map

Hakone-Yumoto is known for its many restaurants and gift shops.
Sengokuhara is filled with art museums, and Lake Ashi offers views of Mount Fuji.
Areas like Gotemba and Mishima are also fun.
Check area information and enjoy the different sides of Hakone.

Seasonal Highlights

Enjoy flora year-round in nature-filled Hakone.
Find out the seasons and events for cherry blossoms and azaleas, hydrangeas, fall foliage, pampas grass, and more.
View videos of the four seasons and learn about the weather throughout the year.

About Discount Passes

Use discount passes when traveling in Hakone!
For example, with the Hakone Freepass, you can ride most transportation for free.
You will also receive deals on admission for art museums and other locations.
Find out how you can save money during your Hakone trip.

Crowd Forecast



What’s the climate like in Hakone?


The average temperatures for the Hakone-Yumoto area are:
15℃ in spring, 25℃ in summer, 15℃ in fall, and 7℃ for winter.
However, Lake Ashi and the Owakudani area have high elevations and are usually around 3-4℃ lower.


What should I wear in Hakone?


Spring: The average March temperatures are comparable with Tokyo, however, some days require a thick coat. April and May are warm, but bring a jacket just in case.
Summer: You can wear short sleeves but bring a light cardigant just in case.
Fall: Wear long-sleeve shirts and cardigans. A thick coat is necessary on certain days.
Winter: You will need a thick coat. Prepare for the cold by wearing layers, as the elevation varies.


Where can I purchase the Hakone Freepass?


The Hakone Freepass can be purchased at ticket vending machines at all Odayu Line stations (between Shinjuku Station and Odawara Station), or at the Shinjuku Station or Odawara Station Odakyu Sightseeing Service Centers./You can also buy the pass in the Hakone area at major stations (Hakone-Yumoto Station, Gora Station, Sounzan Station).
*Business hours and dates are subject to change.
For more information see Hakone Freepass Details.