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Regarding Use of the Hakone Navi Website

The Hakone Navi website (hereafter, “this Website”) is operated by Odakyu Hakone Holdings Co., Ltd. and Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “the Companies”) and their representatives.

We ask that all users of this website first read and understand the content below.

1. Links

In general, this is a link-free website. However, if you wish to post a link to this website, we request that you use the following banner image, and that you clarify via text that the link in question leads to the “Hakone Navi Home Page” when preparing link-related settings. In addition, we request that the link lead to this Website’s home page, which is shown below.

Home page:
Please refrain from prohibited actions such as displaying this Website within a frame or other actions that make it appear as if the content on this Website is part of a different website.
Furthermore, if we decide that any link posted may have an adverse impact on this Website or any publicly available information on this Website, we will request that the offending link be removed. We kindly ask for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

2. Copyright

All information on this Website is protected under the Copyright Law of Japan and relevant international treaties. Aside from acts permitted under the Copyright Law, any private use, quotation/citation, reproduction without permission, or other such treatment of information on this website is prohibited.

If any information on this Website is quoted or cited, be sure to clearly state the source using an appropriate method. Altering all or any portion of the information shown on this website without permission is prohibited.

3. Disclaimer

As a link-free Website, the Companies do not endorse any of the content or information on outside websites that contain links to this Website. Great care is taken regarding the information posted on this website; however, the Companies do not take any responsibility regarding damage or loss resulting from use of information on this Website or any other website that contains a link to this website.

Information on this Website regarding products, promotional campaigns and so forth, as well as information regarding products sold, services offered, promotional campaigns and so forth provided by the Companies and other companies, is limited in scope and not exhaustive. Furthermore, all information available on this Website is relevant only at the time it was originally posted: names and other such details may be changed or eliminated, and other such unforeseen changes may occur, resulting in disparities between information on this Website and actuality.

This Website’s URLs (web addresses), including the URL of the home page, are subject to change without prior notice. The Companies do not take any responsibility for problems caused by broken links, problems with webpage display, or any other such problem that may occur as a result of changes to any URL within this Website.

The Companies do not take any responsibility for damage or loss that may occur as a result of suspension or discontinuation of this Website’s operation, regardless of the Companies’ reason(s) for taking such action.

The Companies cannot guarantee that this Website will operate without interruption, that no errors will occur, that malfunctions will be repaired, or that viruses or other such problems will not affect this Website or its server(s).

4. Validity and Scope of the Items Outlined on this Page

The items outlined on this page apply to all data on this Website’s server(s) that are necessary for the operation of this Website, and to content that is based on that data.

5. Recommended Web Browsers

The following web browsers are recommended when viewing this Website:

Internet Explorer (newest version)
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Please be aware that some of the content on this Website may not be displayed properly if viewed on any web browser other than those listed above. *Recommendations are current as of April 2019.

6. About the use of cookies

This Website uses cookies for our users’ convenience. We may use the collected data for the purpose of displaying appropriate advertisements or for providing customized information. We do not use cookies for other purposes nor provide our users’ information to third parties.

If you do not want your information to be collected, you can refuse to accept cookies using the browser settings. However, in this case, please be aware that you may not be able to use some of the services of our Website.