Handling of Private Information

Hakone Navigation’s Handling of Private Information

We, Odakyu Hakone Holdings, stipulate the handling of private information (https://www.hakonenavi.jp/international/en/) herewith on the Hakone Navigation website (https://www.hakonenavi.jp/international/en/) and follow this document so that customers and business partners may use the service with peace of mind.
It should be noted that this website (https://www.hakonenavi.jp/international/en/) contains links to external content, such as the Odakyu Hakone Group and the Odakyu Electric Railway Group websites. Please check their respective private policies regarding the handling of the personal information on the linked external content.

About Use of Cookies and Other Automatically-collected Data

On this Hakone Navigation website, the “Chatbot” (chat robot) system, route and timetable search service, and management of users’ “Likes” use cookies to analyze the page users’ saw and measure advertisement effects. Local storage and cookies are a mechanism to store identifiers and are transmitted and received between the web browser and the server when the user uses a website. They are saved as a text file on the users’ smartphone, computer, tablet, and other browsing devices. The purpose of cookie usage on the Hakone Navigation website and how to refuse cookies are explained further below.

Cookies for the “Chatbot” Function
The Hakone Navigation website uses the chat robot technology developed by the Netconcierge, Co., Ltd.. which uses cookies.

Cookies are used only for saving chat information. No other data is saved from this cookie usage. If you do not want the cookies used for those purposes, you can refuse the cookies (“opt-out”). Please block “conciergeu.com” in your browser’s settings to opt out of the cookie. Even if you reject cookies, chat robots will be displayed, but the information involved will not be saved when you close the page.

Cookies for the “Favorite” Function and “Favorites” List
On the Hakone Navi website, there is a “Favorite” button of heart mark, and favorite articles can be reviewed on a list of “Favorites.” Cookies are used for list management of “favorited” articles.
If you do not want the use of cookies for those purposes, you can opt out (refuse to use). Please choose “block all cookies” for the cookie opt-out in your browser’ settings. If you refuse cookies you can still attach a heart mark, but it will not register on the Favorites list.

Cookies for Local Storage for Route and Timetable Search Function
On the Hakone Navi website, the local storage uses search technology developed by the Jordan Co., Ltd. for the users’ route and timetable search, and it is processed by the site for Hakone Navigation on the Jordan website. In addition, cookies are used to analyze the access and usage.
If you do not want the use of cookies for those purposes, please block “jcid.jp” to opt out of the cookie in your browser’s settings. The content for this search function can still be used even if you refuse cookies.

Cookies for SNS Sharing Buttons
On the Hakone Navigation website, cookies are used for sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Pinterest, Reddit, and KakaoTalk.
Depending on the privacy policies of social network companies, the access trends of users or cookies may be used for displaying personalized advertisements. If you do not want to use cookies for these purposes, you can opt out (refuse to use). If you do opt-out, the function of the share button on the Hakone Navigation website may not be available.

Facebook Opt-out: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/
Twitter Opt-out: https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies/twitter-cookies
LINE Opt-out: https://optout.tr.line.me/
Pinterest Opt-out: https://help.pinterest.com/en/article/personalization-and-data
Reddit Opt-out: https://reddit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/209192766-How-do-I-opt-out-

Cookies for Site Management and Access Analysis
On the Hakone Navigation website, we use access analysis services such as Google Analytics and New Relic. Third party cookies issued by Google Analytics and other services are used to gather access information such as users’ visits to the site and browsing time. These cookies also collect individual-specific information such as IP (Internet Protocol) address, browser type, ISP (Internet Service Provider), reference and exit page, operating system, date and time stamp, and click stream data. In addition, we use third party cookies to gather access information such as users’ visits to the site and browsing time. We also use Google Tag Manager for site management. We care about preserving users’ privacy and do not identify information specific to individuals. Cookie information is handled following Google’s privacy policy. If you do not want the use of cookies for the access analysis, you can opt out (refuse to use). If you use add-ons from Google’s opt-out link, information from Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js, analytics.js, dc.js), and Google Tag Manager will stop being sent. You can opt out of Google’s access analysis by going to the following link:
Google Analytics Opt-out: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/?hl=en
In order to opt out of New Relic’s access analysis, please block the cookies from “newrelic.com” and “nr- data.net.” Please block cookies from “jcld.jp” in order to opt-out of the access analysis of route and timetable search.

Cookies for Personalized Advertisements
In order to display advertisements on the Hakone Navigation website suitable to users’ interests, we may outsource personalized advertisement distribution to advertisement distribution companies such as Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange, AudienceOne, and other companies using access analysis data of each user. In addition, each advertisement distribution companies themselves issues third party cookies and gathers customer’s information to display personalized advertisements. Personalized advertisement called “re-targeting” or “re-marketing” predicts users’ interests based on browsing behaviors and advertisements displayed when the user uses the external sites. Advertisements might be displayed related to search results based on the browsing information when the user moves to external sites after browsing the Hakone Navigation website.

About Use of Google Ads https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites?hl=en

If you want to stop personalized advertisements meant for customer re-targeting and re-marketing, you can opt out (deny usage) of personalized advertisement displays from third-party advertisers or ad networks at the following links. This will prevent external advertisements reflecting your browser history (such as page browsing) on other sites. However, please note that even if you opt out, the advertisement service itself will not be stopped in general.
Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange Opt-out: http://www.google.co.jp/intl/ja/policies/technologies/ads/
Facebook Opt-out: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/
LINE Opt-out: https://optout.tr.line.me/
AudienceOne Opt-out: http://www.ddai.info/optout

About Information on User Location

On the Hakone Navigation website, we gather GPS information of the users’ device to determine the nearest Odakyu Electric Railways station from the user’s current location to use for spot searches and navigation to the user’s destination.
Google Maps is available for navigation of directions to your destination. Information gathered from Google Maps is processed according to Google’s privacy policy.
We receive permission to gather location information from the user’s device. Location information is collected only when it is required to provide necessary services to the user. However, it is not saved. Access analysis using GPS information is also not performed. If you do not allow using of location information, you cannot conduct spot searches or route searches with Google Maps.

Changes in the Handling of Private Information

This document will be modified should there be a change in the handling of private information on the Hakone Navigation website.

Established February 2019