Chisuji Falls


Chisuji Falls

Distinctive traits of Chisuji Falls are its 20-meter long width, and the stream breaking into several waterfalls. As it is only 3 meters high, the width truly stands out the most. Thanks to many maple trees in the surrounding area, the autumn foliage is exceptionally vivid when the season comes. July has another special scenery to boast about - during the night, countless fireflies help turn the ambiance into a magically beautiful one. It takes only 20 minutes from Kowakudani Station, which is the perfect distance for a little hiking adventure. The sight of the water silently flowing in the middle of a forest surely has the power to refresh both body and soul.



Kanagawa, Ashigarashimo, Hakone, Kowakudani 507 [ Google Maps ]



Nearest Station

Hakone Tozan Bus Kowakudani Station (OH55)


Ride the Hakone Tozan train bound for Goura from Hakone Yumoto Station (OH51); get off at Kowakudani Station (OH55; 30 minutes); walk for about 20 minutes