Kuzuryu Shrine Hongu


Kuzuryu Shrine Hongu

Kuzuryu Shrine Hongu proudly stands on the shore of Ashinoko Lake. It is said that the protector of Ashinoko Lake, the great Kuzuryu deity, is enshrined there. The shrine's legend is about a monk, Mangan Shonin, who was bestowed with a special power from the deity of Hakone Shrine to try and vanquish an evil dragon that lived in Ashinoko Lake and often tormented people. He succeeded and thus became the great deity of Kuzuryu Shrine. As there are no bus stops in the vicinity of the shrine, it will take about 30 minutes by foot from Togendai bus stop, so you can think of it as a nice hiking route and head out on a sunny day. Please note that the visitors need to pay an admission fee to enter Hakone Kuzuryu no Mori.



Kanagawa, Ashigarashimo, Hakone, Motohakone, Hakone Kuzuryu no Mori [ Google Maps ]

Nearest Station

Hakone Ropeway/Hakone Kaizokusen (Togendai OH65), Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus (Hakone-en 866)


Ride the Hakone Tozan bus (Line T) bound for Togendai from Hakone Yumoto Station (OH51); after about 40 minutes, get off at Togendai (OH65); walk for 30 minutes

Ride the Odakyu Hakone Highway bus (Hakone Line) from Shinjuku-eki-nishiguchi; after about 2 hours and 25 minutes, get off at Hakone-en bus stop

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