Kamaboko (steamed fishpaste) Museum of Suzuhiro Corp.


Kamaboko (steamed fishpaste) Museum of Suzuhiro Corp.

One of Odawara's specialties is kamaboko (a type of chewy, processed food made of fish). At Suzuhiro Kamaboko Sato (Suzuhiro Kamaboko Village), you can take part in kamaboko-making workshops and buy delicious kamaboko. Visitors can also savor more than 50 different types of dishes at the all-you-can-eat restaurant, Elenna Gosso. Other than kamaboko, you can try out some tasty dishes made with Odawara and Hakone’s local ingredients, as much as your heart desires. The menu changes with the season, so the available dishes are made with seasonal ingredients. Take this chance to try out as much seafood as you like!



Kanagawa, Odawara, Kazamatsuri 245 [ Google Maps ]

Nearest Station

Hakone Tozan Railway (Kazamatsuri Station OH49)


Ride the train bound for Odawara from Hakone Tozan Railway (Hakone Yumoto Station OH51); after about 7 minutes, get off at Kazamatsuri Station (OH49); walk for 2 minutes

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