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Talking About Hakone

What Do Foreign Nationals Living in Japan Think about Hakone?

This section introduces some of the attractive aspects of Hakone, based on the experiences of foreign nationals living in Japan who have gone sightseeing in Hakone.

Please read our thoughts about Hakone!

I love hot springs, and I especially enjoy guest rooms with private open-air baths!

Ms. Baek, South Korea

I recommend Hakone if you want to have a uniquely Japanese hot spring travel experience. Visitors can easily enjoy hot spring baths in Hakone that they would never encounter in a hotel in Tokyo. And it’s only 90 minutes away from Tokyo using the Odakyu “Romancecar” train service, making it a truly convenient destination.

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I love riding interesting vehicles. With trains, ropeways, and even a pirate’s ship, Hakone is like a theme park!

Mr. Huang, Taiwan

The Hakone Tozan Train slowly winds its way up Hakone’s mountainous terrain, and after transferring at the station the cable car will take you up yet another steep incline. At the summit, a large-scale ropeway is waiting to take visitors on a virtual stroll through the sky, complete with views of Mount Fuji!

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