What is odakyu Free Wi-Fi?

Service Areas

Odakyu Free Wi-Fi is a free internet service for visitors from abroad who are sightseeing along Odakyu lines.

Hakone Area

  • Hakone-Yumoto Station
    Hakone-Yumoto Station
  • Gora Station
    Gora Station
  • Sounzan Station
    Sounzan Station
  • Owakudani Station
    Owakudani Station
  • Ubako Station
    Ubako Station
  • Togendai-ko & Togendai Station
    Togendai-ko & Togendai Station
  • Hakonemachi-ko
  • Motohakone-ko

How to Connect

  • STEP1 : Enable Wi-Fi from your device’s settings and select “0dakyu_Free_Wi-Fi.”
  • STEP2 : 0pen the browser on the device. Tap [Connect to the Internet] in the Free Wi-Fi connection window.
    If the Free Wi-Fi connection window does not appear, use the bookmark link to the website.
  • STEP3 : Read the “Terms of Use for the Free Wi-Fi ” and tap [Accept].
  • STEP4 : You are now connected are directed to an area-specific website.


QIs there a time limit on the Wi-Fi connection?


There is a three-hour time limit per session.