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Views of Mount Fuji

Whether it be an early-morning "inverted" Mount Fuji reflected on the sleepy lake's surface, a sublime Mount Fuji basking in the afternoon sunlight, or a mystic Mount Fuji floating in the air amidst the sunset's afterglow, the sacred mountain shows varied and beautiful faces in the mornings and evenings, transforming throughout the four seasons. Which Mount Fuji will you encounter on your trip to Hakone?

Map of Mount Fuji Views

Lakeside road near Moto-Hakone Port Onboard a Hakone Sightseeing Cruise ship Odakyu Hotel de Yama Onshi-Hakone-Koen Park Owakudani Valley Hakone Ropeway Summit of Mount Kintoki Ashinoko Sky Line Mount Daikan Fujimi-chaya Tea House

1Lakeside road near Moto-Hakone Port

This view is highlighted by the aesthetic positioning of Lake Ashi's red Shinto torii gate and Mount Fuji. On clear days, early-morning viewers can enjoy an “inverted” Mount Fuji reflected off of the lake's surface.

Near the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise Moto-Hakone Port bus stop (Hakone Tozan Bus)

2Onboard a Hakone Sightseeing Cruise ship

Mount Fuji moves closer and farther away when viewed from one of the ships traveling between Moto-Hakone Port and Togendai Port. Even from Moto-Hakone Port, its figure peaks out in the distance from beyond the other mountains.

Board a Hakone Sightseeing Cruise ship at Moto-Hakone Port bound for Togendai Port

3Odakyu Hotel de Yama

The Meiji Period (1868–1912) azalea garden built by Baron Iwasaki was designed so that the flowers seem to rush up toward Mount Fuji.

Near the bus stop for Hotel de Yama (Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus). A pick-up service from Moto-Hakone Port bus stop (Hakone Tozan Bus) is available for lodging guests.

4Onshi-Hakone-Koen Park

From the hill where the remains of a Hakone-area country villa constructed for the Japanese Imperial Family are located, visitors can enjoy views of Lake Ashi, Mount Fuji, and the comings and goings of sightseeing cruise ships.

Near Onshi Koen-mae bus stop (Hakone Tozan Bus)

5Owakudani Valley

This point offers a full view of both sides of Mount Fuji's evenly extending base portion. The sight of the majestic mountain set against wildly rising volcanic smoke emissions is positively soothing.

Near Owakudani Stn. (Hakone Ropeway)

6Hakone Ropeway

The mountain weaves in and out of sight between the trees along the ropeway's route. Passengers can enjoy a virtual stroll through the sky, complete with an expansive view of Lake Ashi below.

The section between Sounzan Stn. and Togendai Stn. on the Hakone Ropeway

7Summit of Mount Kintoki

The summit of Mount Kintoki, which boasts the highest elevation in the outer volcanic rim area of Hakone, is a spectacular spot for viewing Mount Fuji, complemented by vistas of Sengokuhara Plateau below and Sagami Bay and Suruga Bay in the distance.

The Mount Kintoki climbing trail entrance is located approx. 5 min. on foot from Sengoku bus stop (Hakone Tozan Bus)

8Ashinoko Sky Line

The Hakone Tozan Bus "Ashinoko Sky Line" route connects Hakone-machi and Togendai via the Ashinoko Sky Line toll road running along Lake Ashi's western shore. Both Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi can be viewed at once, and when the weather is clear views out to the Izu Peninsula are also possible.

The section between Hakone-machi and Togendai on the Hakone Tozan Bus "Ashinoko Sky Line" route

9Mount Daikan

From here you can see Mount Komagatake, Mount Kamiyama, and Japan's Southern Alps (located quite far from Mount Fuji). Famed painter Kazumasa Nakagawa produced a depiction of one of his favorites views of Mount Komagatake as seen from Mount Daikan.

Near Daikanzan bus stop (Hakone Tozan Bus)

10Fujimi-chaya Tea House

From the Fujimi-chaya Tea House near the Otome Tunnel connecting Gotemba and Hakone, visitors can enjoy a view of the townscape of Gotemba, watched over by magnificent Mount Fuji.

Near the Otome Pass bus stop (Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus)

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