Hakone Sightseeing Cruise


Hakone Sightseeing Cruise

At Lake Ashi, a serene lake surrounded by mountains, a pirate ship cruise runs between the three ports of Hakonemachi-ko, Motohakone-ko and Togendai-ko. Three ships with different designs sail on the lake, and the visitors can enjoy the grand view of the ships passing by each other. During the cruise, there will be a spot where the passengers can view Mt. Fuji, the red torii gate of Hakone Shrine and the lake all at once, so have your cameras ready.




Business Hours

Hakonemachi-ko: The first ship leaves at 9:30, and the last ship leaves for Togendai-ko at 16:20. Please note that the timetable varies at each port and will change in the winter period

Days Closed

The cruise will be canceled in harsh weather conditions

Time Required

From Hakonemachi-ko to Motohakone-ko: 10 minutes
From Motohakone-ko to Togendai-ko: 25 minutes
From Togendai-ko to Hakonemachi-ko: 25 minutes



Accepted Credit Cards

Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, UnionPay and other cards


There will be English announcements during the cruise

Menu/Pamphlet Languages

Not available

Nearest Station

Hakonemachi Port: "Hakonemachi-ko" bus stop (OH66, Hakone Tozan Bus)
Motohakone Port: "Motohakone-ko" bus stop (OH67, Hakone Tozan Bus)
Togendai Port: Togendai Station (OH65, Hakone Ropeway)


Hakonemachi Port: 2 minute walk from "Hakonemachi-ko" bus stop (OH66, Hakone Tozan Bus)
Motohakone Port: 1 minute walk from "Motohakone-ko" bus stop (OH67, Hakone Tozan Bus)
Togendai Port: Directly connected to Togendai Station (OH65, Hakone Ropeway)


Normal Fare One-way/Adults: 1,200 yen/Elementary School students: 600 yen
Round-trip/Adults: 2,220 yen/Elementary School students: 1,110 yen

Special Fare (Passengers will be allowed to use cabins.) One-way/Adults: 1,800 yen/Elementary School students: 900 yen
Round-trip/Adults: 3,330 yen/Elementary School students: 1,570 yen
All fares including tax

Freepass Discount Information

The special fare will be 1,680 yen for adults, and 840 yen for Elementary School students

Telephone Number


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*Information may be in Japanese.