Mount Kintoki


Mount Kintoki

Mount Kintoki is a mountain for hiking beginners and is popular for its beautiful view of Mount Fuji from its summit. There are several hiking courses, but the most common trail is the one that begins from Mount Kintoki’s trailhead and takes a little under 2 hours one way to complete. It is recommended that you begin your hike in the morning. There are several spots on the way to the summit where you can get a clear view of the beautiful landscape. There are two tea houses (where visitors can rest) located on the summit for soba or udon noodles with drinks. When hiking, be sure to wear shoes and clothes that are easy to walk in. It may also be much colder near the summit, so it is ideal to wear clothes that can maintain your body temperature. It may also be reassuring to have a hiking pole with you to lighten to burden on your feet.



[Kintoki-Tozanguchi (547)]Kanagawa, Ashigarashimo, Hakone, Sengokuhara [ Google Maps ]

Time Required

1 hour and a half – 2 hours one way from the Mount Kintoki trailhead to the summit


Not available


English available on the hiking route

Nearest Station

Hakone Tozan Bus at Kintoki-Tozanguchi (547), Sengoku (246), Kintoki Shrine Entrance (549)


Take the Hakone Tozan Bus (Route L) from Hakone-Yumoto Station (OH51) bound for Togendai, exit at Sengoku (246) (about 24 minutes), then walk for 3 minutes


Hiking is free