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About Hakone's Hot Springs

Every day, 25,000 tons of hot spring water gushes forth from the 17 hot spring sources of Hakone, making the area fifth nationwide in terms of spring water volume. In addition, there are approximately 20 different types of hot spring in Hakone including simple alkaline springs, common salt springs (containing sodium chloride), gypsum springs (containing calcium sulfate), and others. It is possible to compare this hot spring resort area to a five-story department store (B1F–4F): acidic sulfate springs at the highest elevations are on the 4th floor, while bicarbonate sulfate springs are on the 3rd floor, chloride springs are on the 2nd floor, and mixed-type chloride bicarbonate sulfate springs are on the 1st floor and basement level. Today, hot spring water is extracted from even deeper portions in the volcanic crater's outer rim.
Since ancient times, Japanese hot spring areas have been developed as tourist destinations. Hakone, which is filled with many tourist attractions, has taken up a lead position among such destinations—this can be seen clearly in the fact that Hakone is top in Japan in terms of number of lodging facilities, visitor capacity and number of lodging facility guests.

Source: Hakone-machi

Hot Springs' Health and Beautification Effects

Skin beautification

If appropriate hot spring water types are chosen and utilized properly, skin cleansing, skin moisturizing, clear skin and other skincare benefits can be attained.


Water properties include sterilizing and detoxifying effects, enhancing the bather's metabolic functions.


It is believed that bathing in mildly hot spring water burns the same amount of calories as walking, and that bathing in hotter water is equivalent to jogging. Furthermore, if bathing methods for burning fat and enhancing metabolism are mastered, hot spring baths can greatly bolster the effects of dieting.


Hot spring water supplements ceramide formation and leads to enhanced collagen turnover.

Therapeutic effects

Traveling to a hot spring resort can bring about a positive change of mood, leading to a beneficial transformation of one's mindset.

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