Tourist Attractions

Hakone's Hot Springs

What Makes Hot Springs So Appealing?

Leisurely, slow-paced hot spring visits are just the thing when you are feeling worn out and need to recharge. Although Japanese people have been using hot springs since ancient times, what exactly defines a hot spring bath, and why does bathing in them have so many beneficial effects on the body? According to the Hot Spring Law, a hot spring is defined as hot water, mineral water, water vapor or other gaseous substances (with the exception of natural gas comprising mainly hydrocarbons) that comes up out of the earth, having a temperature of 25°C or greater at point of discharge or else having the minimum required amount of 1 or more of the 19 designated constituents (compositional properties). In other words, it is considered to be a "hot spring" if it contains none of the 19 properties but reaches a temperature of 25°C or higher, or if it is cold but contains but contains the minimum required amount of constituents.

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