Hakone Tozan Train
Hakone Tozan Cable Car

What is the Hakone
Tozan Train/Hakone
Tozan Cable Car?

Traversing the mountainside, Hakone Tozan Railway is one of Japan's few mountain railways. Passengers can enjoy scenery of every season through the window and be wowed as the train climbs steep slopes. The cable car connecting Gora and Sounzan climbs an altitude of 209 meters.


Climbing up steep climbs ‘Switchback’

In order to climb the mountain inclines, the train zigzags up the slopes using the switchback method. Switchback takes place at 3 locations, at which the conductor and driver switch positions. (Photo: Ohiradai Station)

Hydrangea train

Hydrangea along the railway bloom around mid-June. At this time the hydrangea is in bloom the Hakone Tozan Railway is affectionately named the “Hydrangea Railway”.

Cable car powering up steep inclines

In journeying to Owakudani from Odawara, passengers transfer at Gora Station from the Tozan Railway to the cable car. The cable car powerfully climbs steep inclines to Sounzan Station, a transfer point to the ropeway to Owakudani.

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Hakone Freepass

Hakone Freepass - for those visiting Hakone for the first time as well as frequent visitors. Please enjoy a good-value, convenient trip to Hakone.

Tozan Railway/Ropeway‘OWAKUDANI 2-Day Pass’

Please enjoy breathtaking scenes from the ropeway and the Tozan railway/cable car climbing up the steepest slopes in Japan!

Hakone Tozan Train 1-Day Pass

Freely get on and off of trains as many times as you like in one day to enjoy a myriad of sights from Odawara to Gora.


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