Station GuideMotohakone-ko

Station Map

Facilities Within and Near the Station

  1. Hakone Sightseeing Cruise Service Center and Ticket Office

    Tickets for the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise to Hakonemachi-ko and Togendai can be purchased here. This counter provides visitors with information about the Hakone Tozan Bus.

  2. Hakone Tozan Bus Ticket Counter (Motohakone Travel Center)

    The counter offers information on the Hakone Tozan bus. Visitors can purchase tickets for the Hakone Tozan bus and also Hakone Freepasses.

  3. Hakone Tozan Bus Stop for Hakone-Yumoto Station and Odawara Station

    Platform 1 to Odawara Station, Yumoto Station (via National Route 1), Gora Station (via Ashinoyu, Kowakien)
    Platform 2 to Odawara Station, Yumoto Station (via Hakone Shindo, Hakonemachi-ko)

  4. Bus Stops (to Mishima Station, Hakone Yumoto Station)

    Platform 3 Extra platform
    Platform 4 to Mishima Station
    Platform 5 to Hakone Yumoto Station (Kyukaido) (via Kamihatajuku)
    This is the platform for the shuttle bus to Hotel de Yama.

  5. Hakone Tozan Bus Stop for buses to Hakonemachi-ko

    Platform 6 to Hakonemachi-ko