Transportation in Hakone

Hakone Ropeway

The Hakone Ropeway is the perfect place for enjoying Hakone's scenic panorama. On clear days, majestic Mount Fuji is visible, and the steam rising from the volcanic "Jigokudani" at Owakudani down below gives the trip an added thrill.

Stations along the line and travel times

Getting on

Ropeway platform

The Hakone Ropeway operates at approximately one-minute intervals. Please wait in line until it's your turn to board, and follow the attendant's instructions. (Each car seats 18 passengers.) On arrival at a station, the door will open once the car has come to a complete stop, so please wait your turn to get off.


  • Operating at
    approximately one-minute

  • View of the ropeway's

There are no reserved seats. The car carries a fixed number of passengers, so you will always be able to get a seat.

Ticket gate

Automated ticket gates at
Sounzan Station

Tickets with magnetic (black or brown) backing can be used in the automated ticket gate. In the case of tickets with white non-magnetic backing, please show your Hakone Freepass or ticket to the station attendant.

If using a Hakone Freepass

Hakone Freepass

If you are using a Hakone Freepass, please show it at the ticket counter or to the conductor when you get on or off.

If not using a Hakone Freepass

Ticket vending machine at
Sounzan Station

You can buy a ticket from a ticket vending machine.

Normal Fares (one way)

  Adults Children
Mount Soun to Owakudani 840 yen 420 yen
Mount Soun to Ubako 1,050 yen 530 yen
Mount Soun to Togendai 1,370 yen 690 yen
Owakudani to Ubako 730 yen 370 yen
Owakudani to Togendai 1,050 yen 530 yen
  • *Child fares are for children between 6 and 11 years of age.

Package Plan recommended by Odakyu Travel.