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Transportation in Hakone

Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus

This is a scheduled highway bus service from Shinjuku to Gotemba and Hakone.
A separate ticket in addition to the Hakone Freepass is required for the Shinjuku–Gotemba portion.

Get on the bus from the front door

Front door

The bus's destination is shown, so check the destination before getting on and get on from the front door. If you don't know the destination, please ask the driver.


  • View of the bus interior

  • Ticket sold on the bus

If you have a reserved seat ticket, sit in your assigned seat. If you have no reserved ticket, tell the driver your destination, buy a seat ticket and sit in an unoccupied seat. If a passenger with a reservation boarding later holds a ticket for the seat you are in, you are requested to move to another unoccupied seat.

  • *If using a Hakone Freepass, board after showing it to the driver, when boarding within a specified zone.

Your cooperation is requested

No smoking is allowed
on board

No smoking is allowed aboard the bus.

Destination sign displayed at the front of the bus, and button to press when you wish to get off

  • Destination sign at
    the front of the bus

  • When you press the
    buzzer for signaling you
    want to get off, it will
    display a red light.

As the bus approaches each stop, the name of the stop lights up on the destination sign at the front of the bus. When your stop is next, press the buzzer to let the driver know you want to get off. If no one is standing at the bus stop, the bus will not stop unless you press the buzzer, so be sure to keep an eye on the fare chart and listen carefully to the recorded announcements so that you don't miss your stop.

Tickets are collected

Ticket collection box

Your ticket will be collected when you get off the bus.

  • *If using a Hakone Freepass, get off after showing it to the driver, when getting off within a specified zone.

When using a Hakone Freepass

Hakone Freepass

You can use your Hakone Freepass within a specified zone. Please show your Freepass to the driver when getting on or off.
Outside of the specified zone, a separate seat ticket is required.

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