Tourist Attractions

Unique Modes of Transport in Hakone

A trip around Lake Ashi: enjoy stunning winter scenery aboard the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise!

The Hakone Sightseeing Cruise routes connect three different ports, making it useful even as a means of public transportation for a variety of different customers. Each port offers a number of unique sights, and the scenery along the cruise routes changes with the seasons, so we recommend taking plenty of time to cruise around all of Lake Ashi.

Royal II

The dazzling Royal II, decorated with red and gold

The Royal II was designed based on the Royal Louis, a first-class warship constructed in the 18th century that served as the flagship for the French fleet.


Enjoy cutting-edge technology and a comfortable ride aboard the Victory

The Victory was modeled after the HMS Victory, an 18th-century British warship. The newest ship in the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise fleet, the Victory has an elevator, barrier-free restroom facilities, an LCD monitor that displays information related to the voyage and more. In addition, twin high-speed diesel engines enable this ship to make steady progress and provide smooth rides even during stormy weather.

The 2nd-floor special passenger cabin has relaxing sofas and unparalleled views

The boat is fully equipped with an elevator and features barrier-free facilities

A treasure chest! Travel like a pirate with this box full of trinkets!


The Vasa, extravagant king of the figureheads

Gustavus Adolphus, the king of Sweden in the early 17th century who was also known as the authoritative "Lion of the North," built the warship Vasa (the name of the first-generation king), after which this sightseeing vessel was modeled. It is decorated with luxurious engravings and an impressive figurehead at the prow.

The Vasa is known as "king of the figureheads"

Lavish decorations include a stained-glass skylight

This pirate figure is a popular spot for taking commemorative photographs

Don't miss the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji 3–5 min. after leaving Moto-Hakone Port

Captain Hideyuki Kanisawakawa of the Vasa

See postcard-quality
scenery in a 360°
panorama view

The view from the deck on a clear, crisp day is one of the best around, with Mt. Fuji as the highlight. The view of this mountain 3-5 minutes after leaving Moto-Hakone Port, with a red Shinto torii gate cutting across the middle, is not to be missed. Be sure to head out on deck for a look following departure.
After taking in the scenery from the deck, explore the ship a little, sip some hot coffee, and enjoy your relaxing sightseeing cruise.

Splendid Scenery of the Four Seasons

Hydrangeas in bloom during early summer near Moto-Hakone Port

Mt. Fuji after the snow has melted off in the summer

Beautiful Lake Ashi, its surrounding mountains ablaze with the colors of changing leaves in autumn

Fantastic scenery in which the mountains appear to be bursting with cherry blossoms made of snow - an unparalleled sight

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