Tourist Attractions

Unique Modes of Transport in Hakone

Enjoying Your Ride on the Hakone Tozan Train

You will spot the Hakone Tozan Train as soon as you arrive at Hakone-Yumoto Station. Many people perceive these trains as tourist-oriented because of the large number of sightseers onboard on weekends and even weekday afternoons; however, a surprisingly large number of passengers uses this line for going to and from school and work in the mornings and evenings, making it an integral part of everyday life in the community.

If you ride the Tozan Train on a daily basis, you will come to understand the transformations of the four seasons in distinct detail. Cherry blossoms in the spring, vibrant greenery in the early summer, hydrangeas in bloom, the changing leaves of autumn, and snowy scenes in winter. No matter how many times you ride, you will find yourself impressed by the various sights that can be seen through the train car window throughout the seasons.

Just as the word tozan ("mountain climbing") in the name Tozan Train implies, this train ascends come very steep slopes—the sharp curves and severe inclines of the train's route is part of the fun of riding. It is easy to grasp the severity of the slopes when you stand at the front or back end of the train and observe the elevation differences between the flat switchback sections. And if you have the chance to ride one of the nostalgic 100-series trains, which have been in service since 1950, you can enjoy a truly retro-style journey.

Commemorative Photo Opportunities

View near the Deyama Signal

As soon as the train departs from Tonosawa Station, it enters a pitch-black tunnel and climbs up a steep slope in the dark. The exit at the top comes into view, and immediately after leaving the tunnel you will find yourself at Deyama Bridge, where the train slows down so that passengers inside can more fully absorb the stunning view. The train will stop for a short time at the Deyama Signal, giving passengers an additional photo opportunity against a backdrop of dynamic scenery that won't be found anywhere else.

In addition, crew uniforms can be borrowed at Hakone-Yumoto Station by visitors accompanying small children, providing yet another opportunity to create memories of your trip through a commemorative photograph. Feel free to ask a station attendant at any time if you wish to borrow a uniform for your child.

Recommended Spot

I recommend viewing Mount Fuji from Owakidani Valley. If you ride up using the Hakone Tozan Train, Hakone Tozan Cable Car and Hakone Ropeway, you will be treated with thrilling views down into Jigokudani (Hell Valley) and majestic, sweeping mountain vistas unique to Hakone.

Travel Highlights in Hakone

Hakone Tozan Cable Car
This cable car lines provides a direct connection between Gora and Sounzan. You can see just how steep the slope is when you sit in the very back seat and look downward.

Hakone Ropeway
The views from this ropeway out over Hakone's mountain scenery and down into Jigokudani (Hell Valley) are nothing short of thrilling!

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