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Recommended day trip sample itinerary

A model course for fully enjoying the sights of Hakone (approx. 2–4 hours)

Sightseeing Spots


Situated at an elevation of 100 meters (328 feet), Hakone-Yumoto is one of the seven famous hot springs of Hakone. This hot spring resort, with its numerous lodging facilities and shops selling local products, has flourished since long ago, and it still has a central presence among the hot springs of Hakone even today.

2Hakone Tozan Train

Traversing the mountainous region between Hakone-Yumoto and Gora (approx. 40 min.), this is one of Japan's few mountain railways. Its trains climb in zigzag patterns along switchbacks in order to ascend the steep mountain slopes.

3Hakone Tozan Cable Car

This line runs for 1.2 km (0.75 mi.) over a steep incline, connecting Gora and Sounzan in approximately 9 minutes' time.

4Hakone Gora Park

This garden, opened in 1914, was the first French-style garden with a design focused on factors such as symmetry and geometric shapes. Hakone Gora Park has numerous attractions, such as the Haku'undo Tea Garden (a national registered tangible cultural property) inherited from the garden's three previous modern-period tea ceremony masters, as well a rose garden, a bougainvillea conservatory, a "craft house" offering hands-on activities including pottery and glassblowing, and more. The park is also famous for its beautiful spring cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

5Owakudani Valley

At an elevation of 1,000 meters (3,281 feet), Owakudani Valley is the explosion crater resulting from the final phreatic eruption 3,000 years ago of Hakone's highest peak, Mount Kamiyama. Volcanic smoke still rises up even today, making it one of Hakone's most well-known scenic spots.

6Hakone Ropeway

Views of beautiful Mount Fuji can be enjoyed on clear days from this ropeway, as can a spectacular 360° panorama stretching as far as the eye can see.

7Togendai View Restaurant

Located inside Togendai Station, guests can enjoy vistas of sightseeing cruise ships moving about Lake Ashi while they dine.

8Lake Ashi

Passengers can transfer to one of the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise ships at Togendai and take in an array of elegant Lake Ashi views throughout the changing seasons.

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