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Enjoying Your Ride on the Hakone Ropeway

The Hakone Ropeway's Sounzan and Togendai Stations are situated at elevations surpassing 700 m (2,297 ft.), and Owakudani Station is at an elevation of 1,044 m (3,425 ft.), giving passengers a virtual view from the sky. The changing seasons bring with them many amazing views along each section of the ropeway route, so come and take a stroll through the sky between Sounzan and Togendai!

Mt. Fuji in the summer, as seen from Owakudani

Beautiful autumn leaves just below

A magical morning view

Snow-covered scenery

Views from the Gondolas

Amazing views along each section of the ropeway!

Amazing Facts about the Hakone Ropeway

Officially registered in the Guinness World Records!

The ropeway was registered in the Guinness World RecordsTM in 2008 as the world's busiest gondola lift (greatest ridership) in terms of paid passengers for the year, and in 2009 the ropeway repeated this record for a second year running. Our ropeway "stroll through the sky" featuring views of Hakone's natural scenery as well as Japan's greatest mountain, Mount Fuji, has been enjoyed by numerous customers from Japan and abroad, and our employees will continue to work together to provide the best customer service in the world.

The funitel-style design can withstand wind speeds of up to 30 m/sec.!

Funitel-style aerial lifts utilize two moving cables set apart at a width greater than that of the gondola, with the distance between the gondola and ropes kept short in order to provide strong resistance to wind. Before adopting this construction, our gondolas could only withstand wind speeds of up to 20 m/sec., forcing us to stop operation for about 30 days per year due to strong winds. However, this new system enables gondolas to withstand wind speeds of up to 30 m/sec., reducing operational stoppages to about 10 days per year.

In addition to Mt. Fuji, passengers can also see Tokyo Skytree!

The scenery of Owakudani Valley is spectacular enough to have been selected as one of the top 50 scenic spots in Kanagawa Prefecture. The many different faces of Mount Fuji can be enjoyed throughout the changing seasons, and the popular new landmark Tokyo Skytree can even be spotted on clear days!

Travels at 130 m (427 ft.) above the ground!

The difference in elevation between Sounzan Station (757 m / 2,484 ft.) and Owakudani Station (1,044 m / 3,425 ft.) is 287 m (942 ft.), and during the 10 minutes or so it takes to get between the two stations the gondola travels at heights that surpass approximately 130 m (427 ft.) above ground level in the valley. From this great height, an expansive panoramic view encompassing Sagami Bay, Mount Fuji and more is available to passengers.

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