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A Day Trip to Hakone: Immerse Yourself in Art and Nature

This travel plan starts in Gotemba, located near Mount Fuji. After viewing the awe-inspiring mountain, visit a museum and appreciate masterpieces from artists. At the last stop, you can try creating your own artwork. This is a tour for ideal for those wanting to enjoy art. It utilizes the Hakone Freepass which helps you save on transportation fees.

Duration : 8 hours

9:20 AM – Take Photographs from Otome Pass

This travel itinerary includes spots that can be reached using the Hakone Freepass. With this pass, transportation services will be free unless noted otherwise, making it a smart way to travel the area. Holders of the pass are also eligible for discounts at certain facilities.

From Gotemba Station (571), take the Hakone Tozan Bus (route G or L) or Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus (route W) bound for Hakone. It takes about 15 minutes to arrive at the Otome Pass (Otome-toge, 552) bus stop, which is famous for its amazing view of Mount Fuji.

There is another spot nearby where you can see Mount Fuji. From the parking lot of Fujimi-chaya, located in front of the bus stop, head for the Otome no Kane (Maiden Bell) observatory. The climb will take about 10 minutes.

A grand view of Mount Fuji welcomes the visitors at the observatory. It is said that one ring of the bell improves the visitor’s health. With two rings, the visitor will fall in love, and three rings are thought to help bring a happy life. It is no wonder that this spot has become popular.

After enjoying the view, climb down and take a break at Fujimi-chaya, which serves sweets and beverages. The view from the restaurant when they sky is clear is breathtaking.

From the Otome-toge bus stop, take the Hakone Tozan Bus (route M). Get off at the Pola Museum of Art (Pola Bijutsu-kan, 439) bus stop after riding for 30 minutes.

11:20 AM – Pola Museum of Art: Impressionist Paintings Collection

Pola Museum of Art features a futuristic design using large glass panels. The lush trees screen the blinding sunlight and create a gentle atmosphere around the museum.

Visitors can view a collection of 10,000 pieces mostly from Impressionists. Paintings from famous artists such as Monet, renowned for “Water Lilies,” Renoir, van Gogh, Picasso, and Chagall are on display.

The Impressionists valued natural light in their art. This museum is located in a forest that seems as if it is straight out of an Impressionist painting. Fragrant trees and the sound of the birds fill the visitors’ senses, and you may even meet some wild creatures.

The museum also displays glass and ceramic artworks, along with rare exhibits such as a historical collection of cosmetic brushes.

The admission fee is 1,800 yen for adults, 1,300 yen for university and high school students, and 700 yen for junior high and elementary school students. On Saturdays, junior high and elementary school students can enter the museum for free. With Hakone Freepass, the discount admission fee is 1,600 yen for adults, 1,100 yen for university and high school students, and 600 yen for junior high and elementary school students. All prices including tax.

Inside the same facility

12:30 PM – Lunch at Restaurant Array

Restaurant Array, located inside the museum, serves authentic European cuisine. The spacious dining area is pure white in color.

You can choose your main dish for lunch from three dishes: The catch of the day herbed chicken roasted with bread crumbs, and beef stew. The catch of the day and the herbed chicken are 2,380 yen, and beef stew costs 2,600 yen. All prices including tax.

The restaurant also has original seafood curry (1,510 yen including tax), Japanese-style meals, and dishes related to special exhibitions (2,980 yen including tax). The special exhibitions menu is usually the artist’s favorite food or has a relation to a place connected with the artist.

Visitors can also enjoy a view of the Hakone mountains from the restaurant during lunch. There are also terrace seats which are available during clear weather.

2:00 PM – Hakone Gora Park Craft House: A One-of-a Kind Work of Art

After a visit to the museum, let’s try creating artwork of your own. From the Pola Museum of Art, take the Hakone Tozan Bus (route S) bound for Gora (OH57).

Hakone Gora Park Craft House is a workshop where visitors can try glass blowing and ceramics. It is located at Hakone Gora Park, a 10 minutes’ walk from Gora Station. Reservations are not required here, and you can take the finished product back home with you. (Some glass and ceramic works will be sent in the mail after completion. Overseas shipping is also available.)

Lampwork beads and sandblasting goods can be taken home on the same day.

Lampwork beads are small glass balls that contain a hole. They are made by wrapping melted glass around a metallic rod. After they cool for around 50 minutes, participants can turn the beads into accessories such as key rings. You can use different colors and patterns to make your own original creation. The basic fee for the beads is 2,500 yen, with an additional charge of 470 yen and up for key rings. For necklaces, the additional charge is 500 yen and up. All prices including tax.

Sandblasting is an etching technique where fine sand is blown onto a glass surface. Participants can choose from over a hundred types of patterns and make their own glass art. It is simple, so even those who are not used to this type of activity can have fun. The cost for the glass is 2,000 yen and up, and the patterns start at 100 yen per design. All prices including tax.

The staff will help you, so first-time participants don’t have to worry. Your artwork from this workshop will be something lasting and memorable from Hakone.

The admission fee of Hakone Gora Park ordinarily costs 550 yen including tax for adults. With the Hakone Freepass admission is free.

3 minutes walk

3:30 PM – Sip on Herbal Tea at Hakone Gora Park Tea Room Pic

After making an original souvenir, head for Hakone Gora Park Tea Room Pic.

Visitors can choose from five types of herbal tea. The tea here is served with handmade herb cookies (594 yen including tax). The view of the park fountain and the beautiful scenery can be enjoyed from the tea room.

The tea room also offers dishes such as Gora-en curry (1,058 yen including tax), which is limited to forty meals a day, and the stew-stuffed bread plate (1,058 yen including tax).

Enjoying the Stunning Art in Hakone

Hakone is a beautiful place throughout the year and the area itself resembles a work of art.

The tour mentioned above is a one day trip starting from Tokyo. After sightseeing in the Tokyo area, take a trip outside the capital and experience art in Hakone.

* Fuji Hakone Pass can also be used for this tour. Please note that restaurant menus, prices, and other details are subject to change.

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