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A Day-Trip Plan in Kimono: Discover Japan from Odawara to Yumoto

The starting point of this trip is Odawara Castle. After you’ve arrived at Hakone-Yumoto, you will change into a kimono and explore the area. For the last part of this course, we suggest spending some quality time relaxing at the open-air bath at Hakone Yuryo. This course allows you to experience various sides of Japanese tradition and culture in just one day. Get the most out of the useful Hakone Freepass!

Duration : 9 hours

Odawara Station

8:45 AM – From Odawara Station to Odawara Castle

Today, we will introduce a course using the budget-friendly Hakone Freepass, a ticket that you can use to move through Hakone and even secure discounts for some of the facilities included in this course (some spots are not applicable). Unless indicated otherwise, you can utilize this pass for any of the transportation means available in the area, for free. Use the pass to travel around Hakone in the most convenient and efficient way!

The starting point is Odawara Castle, about 10 minutes away by foot from Odawara Station (OH47).

10 minutes by foot

9:00 AM – Climb the Tower of Odawara Castle

What makes Odawara Castle popular with visitors is its location, as it is easily accessible from Tokyo. It was built on a location halfway through the Tokaido road that led from former Edo (present-day Tokyo) to Kyoto, as a fort to protect the Kanto Region and the city of Edo.

One of its most distinguishing traits is the tenshukaku (*1), the symbolic tower of the castle. It is believed that Odawara Castle was first built around the mid-15th century, but it has been repaired and rebuilt over and over again ever since. The tenshukaku we can see today is a reconstruction dating to 1960. Visitors can enter the tenshukaku, and if you’re lucky and the weather is clear, you’ll even get a sweeping view of Sagami Bay.

*1 Tenshukaku: the highest part of a Japanese castle. Represents that castle.

You’ll pass three heavily built gates, meant to protect the castle, on the way to the tenshukaku from the main entrance. Take a walk immersed in this well-protected castle’s historical atmosphere.

The admission fee for the tenshukaku is 500 yen for adults, and 200 yen for elementary and junior high school students (including tax). The visitors who show their Hakone Freepass can get a discount and pay 450 yen for adults, and 180 yen for elementary and junior high school students.

10:50 AM – Change into a Kimono and Head to Hakone!

Now that you’ve learned about the history of this place, how about changing into a kimono for a nice walk around the onsen town? If that is exactly what you had in mind, ride the Hakone Tozan Train heading for Hakone-Yumoto Station (OH51).

Sakura Hime is right in front of Hakone-Yumoto Station and is a place to rent a kimono and have someone help you put it on. They have an all-inclusive option where you can rent out a kimono and a belt, footwear, a bag, and other important accessories and clothing pieces.

You can pick out the kimono that appeals to you the most, as there are more than 200 sets of them. Make memories with a stroll around the atmospheric town and along the beautiful river flowing peacefully. The price for the standard plan (kimono, footwear, bag) is 4,104 yen (including tax) and up. It will take about 40 minutes to choose your outfit and have the staff help you put on the kimono.

3 minutes by foot

12:00 PM – Savor the Unique Yuba-don Rice Bowl

Yuba is the term for the thin “skin” that forms when heating up soymilk. Its smooth texture has been historically popular in Japan, and its high nutritional value is gathering attention nowadays as well.

At Yuba-don Naokichi, you can try the store’s original yoba-don rice bowl (980 yen including tax).

To make delicious yuba, clean, tasty water is a must. The yuba served at Naokichi is made with crystal-clear Hakone water and great quantities of high-quality soybeans. Yuba-don will entice you with its subtle aroma, which comes from the katsuo (skipjack tuna)-flavored stock soup used for boiling the yuba.

3 minutes by foot

1:00 PM – Stroll the Onsen Area of Hakone-Yumoto

It might sound unbelievable, but the hot spring of Hakone-Yumoto, also known as Hakone-Yumoto Onsen, was found in the 8th century. Today, we invite you to spend some time strolling around the town that flourished around the hot spring, Hakone-Yumoto.

You can experience the atmosphere of a Japanese onsen town on the shopping street in front of Hakone-Yumoto Station, and along the Hayakawa River, parallel to the shopping district. The Hayakawa River flows gently, painting a picture of elegance.

3 minutes by foot

1:30 PM – Take a Break with Handmade Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) and Tea

If you want to take a quick break, Cha no Chimoto is the right place for you. The cafe was built as a facility adjacent to the wagashi (Japanese sweets) shop with a history of over 68 years. Here, you can savor Hakone’s special wagashi and tea. The natural flavor of the ingredients really comes through, as the cafe avoids food additives when making the desserts. The sweetness is just right for both your taste buds and your health!

One of the most popular items is yumochi. You’ll find yokan (*2) inside the soft mochi made from domestic refined rice flour. The yokan’s subtle and flavorful aroma comes from yuzu, a type of citrus fruit. Don’t miss the chance to try this refined dessert. The yumochi and tea set costs 800 yen including tax.

*2 Yokan: a standard wagashi dessert that is jelly-like and made out of sweet bean paste and kanten (agar-agar).

2:30 PM – Return the Kimono and Head for the Onsen

For the last part of the trip, we suggest going to Hakone Yuryo, a hot spring you can visit for the day that is easily accessible from Hakone-Yumoto. Ride the free shuttle bus waiting in front of Hakone-Yumoto Station, and you’ll be there in about 3 minutes. If you’ve rented a kimono at Sakura Hime, you’ll have to take it back by 17:00. We recommend returning it earlier to enjoy the rest of your day with ease. It takes about 5 minutes by foot from Cha no Chimoto to Sakura Hime.

About 3 minutes by free shuttle bus

3:00 PM – Enjoy Different Hot Springs at Hakone Yuryo

The daytime onsen Hakone Yuryo was built in the style of a traditional Japanese house. The water at this onsen is alkaline thermal hot spring water that is gentle on the skin. It is believed to have great effects on the skin, health, and beauty.

Inside the facility are a variety of hot springs: the large hot spring tub, the outdoor bathtub, a “jar” onsen, as well as the private outdoor hot spring, which you can make a reservation for. This onsen will make anyone feel at home, no matter if you are coming alone, with family, or as a couple. It is a great choice for visitors of all ages.

Inside you’ll also find a Japanese restaurant serving authentic Japanese dishes, so you can enjoy a meal when you get hungry. The bathing fee for adults (junior high school students and older) is 1,500 yen and 750 yen for children. If you have the Hakone Freepass, you can receive a discount. The discounted prices are 1,300 yen for adults, and 650 yen for children (all prices including tax).

Make a Blast Out of Your One-Day Trip!

Enjoy a day trip to Hakone, a place where you can experience Japanese tradition. This one-day itinerary enables you to visit a Japanese castle and onsen, to try Japanese food and wear a kimono. We believe this will surely help your Japan trip become one of your most special memories!

*You can use the Tokotoko Ticket, as well as the Fuji Hakone Pass for this course.
*Please mind that information, including restaurant menu and prices, are subject to change.

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