Enjoy Hot Springs and Sightseeing! Where to Stay in Hakone-Yumoto


Hakone-Yumoto is the very entrance to Hakone, easily reachable from Shinjuku, Tokyo, via the Odakyu Romancecar. In front of the station you’ll find many restaurants and souvenir shops that have a lively atmosphere. Today, we will introduce popular lodging facilities in the Hakone-Yumoto area!

Odakyu Hotel Hatsuhana

Odakyu Hotel Hatsuhana is sure to charm you with its tranquil interior and excellent onsen facilities. There are seven different baths in the women’s area, perfect for letting your body rest from the fatigue from a long trip.

Guests can relax at the spa, admire the bamboo forest right in front of their eyes while soaking their feet in the neyu bath (a lie-down bath), or have a different but great, therapy-like experience in the so-called “barrel bath” that has an overpowering hinoki cypress fragrance. You’ll also find a variety of baths in the men’s section, as well, starting with the indoor bath and the open-air bath (rotemburo).

Some rooms have open-air baths allowing guests to relax, so it would make a wonderful memory for an anniversary or a special event.

Hotel Okada

This is the largest hotel you can find in Hakone-Yumoto. Since there are twelve different hot baths, including a large-sized bath on an observation deck with a waterfall view, and an open-air bath with a spectacular view of the surrounding nature, the bathing itself is surely worth taking up more time than you could have expected.

Other than hot springs, the visitors can also enjoy coffee shops and the karaoke room, and let the younger ones have a great time in the kids’ area. This fully equipped hotel has what it takes to fulfill all of your needs, and let you have a great time.

Hakone Suimeiso

As it takes only three minutes by foot from Hakone-Yumoto Station to reach it, this lodging facility is easily accessible. One of its amiable traits is the cozy, traditional interior that makes the visitors feel at home. The facility has two private open-air baths where you canhave some peace, as well as a tenku-rotemburo (no-roof rotemburo) with a spectacular view of the endless starry sky above you.

Each room has a large window from where you can admire the Hayakawa River flowing near the facility and rest your eyes upon the picturesque scenery of nature through the seasons.

Hotel Nanpuso

Situated in a quiet area surrounded by trees as far as the eye can see, this hotel’s location is without a doubt one of its best features. The view of the river and the forest from each room is as picturesque as it gets.

You also get the privilege to breathe the fresh air of Hakone whenever you come. Other than the usual Western-style and traditional rooms, you can also book a room with a small garden, or a room with a rotemburo included. Choose your preferred room and make wonderful memories from your trip.

Hotel Kajikaso

It takes five minutes by foot from Hakone-Yumoto Station to reach this hotel. Its charm lies in the symbiosis of modern and traditional Japanese facilities. Still, the most alluring bath of all must be the observation deck-style one, located on the 6th floor of the facility. During the day, you can rest your eyes upon the astounding view of the surrounding mountains, and the night brings the twinkling light of the stars.

All four of the open-air baths are wood-based and their warmth will surely let you rest your body and soul. At the building adjacent to the lobby you’ll find the ashiyu (foot bath), and if you take a moment to listen closely, you will be able to hear the soothing murmur of the nearby river.

Yoshiike Ryokan

One of the assets of this ryokan is its large Japanese garden. Other than appreciating the garden, you can also delight in the sight of more than one hundred koi carps swimming in the lake from the “observation terrace”.

Also, the Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Garden (garden at the former residence of the Iwasaki family), as well as the tea room that is a part of it, is definitely worth your time, too. The garden is full of flowers blooming through the seasons, and there are special illumination events during the cherry blossom season, when the greenery is fresh and new, and during the fall foliage season. The scenery, when seen from the open-air bath inside the garden, is spectacular as well.

Hakone Pax Yoshino

Situated on the coast of Sukumo River, Hakone Pax Yoshino enchants visitors with its unique hot springs. If you choose one of three private open-air baths on the 5th floor of the facility, you can take your time and relax while gazing out at the beautiful view.

Another great peculiarity is a spacious rotemburo that is 270m² large. Soaking while listening to the Hayakawa River flowing nearby will soothe your heart, without a doubt. You can choose between the traditional room and the traditional-Western-style room, which includes a room with tatami floor and beds inside.

Aura Tachibana

You’ll find this ryokan in an elevated area of Hakone-Yumoto. If you climb the Sky Terrace on the roof of the facility, you can relish the magnificent view whenever you come - admire the cityscape during the day, take in the sun setting behind the hills of Hakone, with the sky turning crimson, or be in awe of the endless starry sky high above you during the night.

At the Sky Terrace, you can soak in the open-air bath (rotemburo), or rent a private bath just for yourself. Treat yourself to an uncommon and memorable luxury at this ryokan - Aura Tachibana is the fine-quality space for adults, in every sense. If you’re craving a romantic and luxurious trip, this is the lodging facility of your dreams.

Tsuki no Yado Sara

If you enjoy private bathing, then Tsuki no Yado Sara is the best choice for you, with a rotemburo bath in every room they offer. That way you can bathe whenever and however much you’d like, in the privacy of your own room.

This is a traditional Japanese-themed, modern designers hotel. You’ll notice Hakone’s traditional yosegizaiku (*1) (parquetry) artwork wherever you look, as it is the main motif of its interior design. Don’t forget to visit the rooftop garden, too. You can savor a nice drink while observing the surrounding mountains of Hakone.

*1 Yosegizaiku: one of traditional arts of Hakone. It consists in joining different pieces of wood together to form a pattern.


This ryokan boasts four natural hot springs. The large open-sky rotemburo, built on the roof of the facility, is a spacious, 17-meter long bath. From there, you can breathe in the magnificent nature of Hakone in whatever direction you turn. Furthermore, there are as many as twelve types of private baths available at the ryokan. You can hop in a few should you have enough time.

Take a walk around the garden and visit the famous power spots Tamasudare waterfall and the Tamasudare Shrine, where you can find luck in love thanks to its guardian spirit. You can also double the fun and stroll while wearing a yukata, and make the best out of this outstanding lodging facility.

Hakoneji Kaiun

One of the things this lodging facility can brag about is the large bath with natural, spring water used in abundance. You can have a wonderful time in an another large bath, almost all made of marble, or in an open-air bath made of porcelain.

Besides traditional rooms, you can also rent out a Japanese-Western-style room with beds inside. Furthermore, there are also barrier-free rooms available, so everyone can have a memorable time, including children, the elderly, and people with special needs.

**Closed: March-August, 2019

Hotel Senkei

Visitors to this hotel are welcomed by a water wheel using the spring water from the area. Because this hotel is situated on the slope of a mountain, you can always enjoy the pleasant harmony of birds chirping, combined with the gentle sound of the wind blowing through the fluttering forest.

The number of guests per room is two to eight, and both the breakfast and dinner are served in the rooms. Choose this hotel to experience Japanese hospitality first-hand through every service available, and treat yourself to a wonderful stay.

Yumoto Fujiya Hotel

If your top priority is the hot spring itself, this is the place for you. Other than separate baths for men and women, there is also the indoor bath, open-air bath, jacuzzi, and moderate-temperature sauna. The great part is that lodgers are allowed to use the baths until 1:00 AM.

The restaurants inside the hotel offer Japanese, French, Chinese, and Western-style food. It takes only 3 minutes by foot from Hakone-Yumoto Station, so it is the ideal lodging choice for those who wish to enjoy some sightseeing, too.