Basic Information on Hakone and Its Hot Springs


For many people, onsen (hot springs) are one of the first things that come to mind when they think of Hakone. The spring water volume is one of the largest in Japan, and the area is a paradise for onsen lovers. Hakone is also known for the diversity and quality of the various onsen sources.

There are many types of bathing facilities in Hakone, such as an onsen with a great view, a theme park where visitors can bathe in swimsuits, and even a private-room type bath which everyone can enjoy on their own, so every family member will be able to have fun in Hakone. Read on to learn more about some of Hakone’s excellent hot springs.

Hakone Ju-nana-yu

There are seventeen hot spring sources in the area, and they are called Hakone Ju-nana-yu (“seventeen hot spring sources”). They each have various features and qualities. The sodium chloride springs, which are said to be good for people with neuralgia and dermatosis, are used in the Tohnosawa, Miyanoshita, Dohgashima and Sokokura areas.

Calcium sulfate springs, known for their skin beautification effects, are used in the Sengokuhara area, and the alkaline springs, which are said to be good for nerve pain and cold hands and feet, are prevalent in the Hakone-Yumoto and Kowakidani areas. This information should come in handy when determining your destination.

Various Facilities for All Family Members to Enjoy

In Hakone, visitors can not only bathe and relax, but also enjoy the onsen without having to make any plans in advance. The following is a list of facilities for travelers on a day trip, including an amusement park where visitors can bathe in swimsuits. If you have tattoos, it might be better to use a private-room type bath, as most bathing facilities in Japan are not open to customers with tattoos.

Higaeri Onsen

While most of the onsen in Hakone are utilized at lodging facilities such as ryokan (Japanese-style inns) and hotels, there are also a few facilities for guests visiting on a day trip. These facilities are called higaeri onsen. Those who cannot stay for the night or want to bathe in multiple onsen should try the higaeri onsen.

Hakone Yuryo is equipped with both indoor and open-air baths, a sauna, a restaurant and a kiosk selling snacks. Visitors will be able to enjoy the adjacent facilities after a bath.

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Enjoying Another Type of Onsen

When using the onsen, visitors from abroad may be surprised that the Japanese go completely naked and do not wear swimsuits. Those who are averse to taking their clothes off should try the an ashiyu (foot bath) or and onsen that allows the use of swimsuits.


Ashiyu is an onsen where the users soak their feet in warm water, and it can be enjoyed at some restaurants and cafes in Hakone. Bakery & Table Hakone is known for its ashiyu, which offers a great view of Lake Ashi.

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Onsen with Swimsuits

At Hakone Kowaki-en Yunessun, bathers can enjoy an onsen wearing swimsuits. Visitors of all ages can enjoy the open-air bath, which offers a great view of the Hakone mountains, or indoor baths of wine and coffee. Please note that people with tattoos will be asked to wear a rash guard.

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Private-Room Type Bath

A private-room type bath, or a stay at a hotel/ryokan which has guestrooms with an onsen bath, is recommended for those who prefer privacy. Such facilities are convenient for family groups, as the parents can keep watch of their small children. People with tattoos will also be able to enjoy bathing at this type of an onsen.

All the guestrooms at Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu comes with an onsen bath, along with a magnificent view of the Hakone mountains. Hakone Yuryo, a higaeri onsen, has nineteen private-room type baths, which can be used by a maximum of four people.

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There are a wide variety of lodging facilities in Hakone besides the ones mentioned in this article, where visitors can enjoy the onsen. A stay in the area should vitalize your weary bodies.

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Look for a facility that suits your needs, and have fun in Hakone.