Summer in Japan! A Guide to Festivals and Fireworks in Hakone


Summer in Hakone is full of festivals and events. The combination of fireworks launching into the air and traditional events at shrines during the summer is a splendid, must-see sight. Come attend a festival in Hakone this summer and make memories with friends and family.

Lake Ashi Summer Festival Week  Take in Fireworks at the Lake

Lake Ashi Summer Festival Week is an event located and centerest around the festivals at Hakone-jinja Shrine. It will be held for six days and starts on July 31. Fireworks displays will illuminate the shores of Lake Ashi while several traditional events in Hakone are held.

Wednesday, 7/31 at 20:00  (Event will be held on 8/8 if postponed)
Kosui Festival (Hakone-jinja Shrine, Motohakone Lakeside Park, Motohakone Bay)

Thursday, 8/1 at 20:00  (no postponement)
Hakone-jinja Shrine 1261 Grand Festival (Hakone-jinja Shrine) / Fireworks Display (Moto-Hakone Bay)

Friday, 8/2 at 20:00  (Event will be held on 8/3 if postponed)
Hakone-en Summer Night Festival (Hakone Gardens, Lake Ashi)

Saturday, 8/3 at 20:00  (Event will be held on 8/11 if postponed)
Hakone-en Summer Night Festival (Hakone Gardens, Lake Ashi)

Sunday, 8/4 at 20:00  (Event will be held on 8/9 if postponed)
Kojiri Ryujin Festival (Kuzuryu Shrine, Kojiri Lakeside Park, Kojiri Bay)

Monday, 8/5 at 20:00  (Even will be held on 8/10 if postponed)
Torii-Yaki Festival (Hakone Lakeside Park, Hakone Bay)

Watch the Fireworks from a Boat! Hakone Pirate Ship “Firework Viewing Cruise”

How about enjoying fireworks in a different way? Ride a lit-up pirate ship on Lake Ashi at night and amaze your senses by seeing the fireworks from up close. This is a cruise perfect for anyone looking to spend a special evening.

Kosui Festival - Wednesday, 7/31(Adults: 2,850 yen, Children: 1,430 yen)
Togendai: departs at 19:30
Hakonemachi: departs at 19:45
Motohakone: departs at 19:35

Hakone Gardens Summer Night - Friday, 8/2 (Adults: 2,450 yen, Children: 1,230 yen)
Hakonemachi: departs at 19:45

Hakone Gardens Summer Night(violin concert) - Saturday, 8/3 (Adults: 3,500 yen, Children: 1,750 yen)
Hakonemachi: departs at 19:15

Ryujin Festival - Sunday, 8/4 (Adults: 2,450 yen, Children: 1,230 yen)
Togendai: departs at 19:50
Hakonemachi: departs at 19:30

Torii-Yaki Festival - Monday, 8/5 (Adults: 2,850 yen, Children: 1,430 yen)
Togendai: departs at 19:30
Hakonemachi: departs at 19:35

Departure Port:
Togendai: 7/31 (Wednesday), 8/4 (Sunday), 8/5 (Monday)
Moto-Hakone: 7/31 (Wednesday)
Hakonemachi: 7/31 (Wednesday), 8/2 (Friday), 8/4 (Sunday), 8/5 (Monday)

We asked the staff at Hakone Sightseeing Cruise more about the firework viewing cruise.

The staff answered, “The Lake Ashi Summer Festival Week begins on the same day as the Kosui Festival, on July 31, and ends August 5, during the Torii-Yaki Festival. The sparkling sightseeing ships gathering quietly in the bay from the darkness together with the fireworks launched under the starry sky from the shore is very romantic.”

We also asked Mr. Katsura Endo, a photographer from Hakone, for advice on taking pictures of fireworks.

Tip 1: Check the location of where the fireworks will be launched during the day.
Tip 2: Fasten your camera securely onto a tripod or on top of a fence.
Tip 3: Shoot the entire sky with a wide-angle at first, and then zoom in once you find where the fireworks are being launched.
Tip 4: The fireworks will be challenging to capture at the beginning. Take your photos before the smoke disappears.
Tip 5: A jacket is essential due to the chilly nights, even during the summer.
Tip 6: Bring insect repellent.
Hakone Tozan Bus and Special Bus Services
Hakone Tozan Bus will add special buses to their schedule on Wednesday, July 31 and Monday, August 5.

Kosui Festival - Wednesday, 7/31 (Fireworks begin at 20:00)
Depart from Hakone-Yumoto Station (Bound for Motohakone-ko) 18:10, 18:45
Depart from Gora Station (Bound for Motohakone-ko) 18:35, 18:55
Torii-Yaki Festival - Monday, 8/5 (Fireworks begin at 20:00)
Depart from Hakoneyumoto Station (Bound for Hakonemachi) 18:10, 18:45
Depart from Gora Station (Bound for Hakonemachi) 18:55

*Special buses bound for Hakone-Yumoto Station, Odawara Station, and Gora Station will operate to coincide with the end of the fireworks on both days.
*Reservations are not necessary to ride buses. Please inquire 0465-35-1271 (Hakone Tozan Bus Co., Ltd. Odawara Office) for details.

Glowing in the Dark of the Night! Hakone Daimonji-yaki

On August 16, a nearly 200-meter sized bonfire in the shape of the Chinese character for “big” will burn vividly on the slopes of Mt. Myojogatake at dusk. “Starmine,” a vivid and colorful firework, and “Niagara Falls,” a brilliant, technically-advanced firework, will be launched simultaneously to produce fireworks that will look like fire dancing in the summer night sky.

Photographer Katsura Endo’s tip suggests taking in the view from Gora Station. The burning character will be very visible from around Gora Station and Sounzan Station. In particular, the area leading up to the narrow steps by Gyoza Center, about a three-minute walk from Gora Station, is a great photography spot.

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