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Ryokan (Traditional Inns) of Hakone

As a hot spring resort town, it is only natural that each of Hakone's ryokan (traditional inns) would have its own unique hot spring baths. A majority of these are large, indoor shared baths.
We hope that you will enjoy your time visiting one of our town's hot spring inns-a time spent in peaceful tranquility in genuine Japanese-style rooms. Wearing Japanese-style yukata (informal cotton kimono) and traditional-style geta (wooden clogs) will complete your experience.
Find a ryokan that suits you and enjoy your time in Hakone to the fullest!

Recommended ryokan in Hakone

Hakone has various types of Japanese ryokan, so you can choose one that best fits your vacation plans.
Ryokan that command sweeping views of Mount Fuji area available, and ryokan nestled amongst scenery unchanged since ages past and mountainside ryokan surrounded by thick forests are not uncommon at all. There are also Western-style hotels, ryokan with attached hot spring baths located in a theme park, and more.

Ryokan bursting with history and culture

Ryokan defined by their cultural tradition and prestige are no rarity in Hakone. This includes historic buildings that have been designated by the government as important cultural properties and currently serve as ryokan lodging facilities. These traditional inns are perfect for those who want to experience Japanese tradition and the history of Hakone to the fullest.

Guest rooms with attached open-air baths

We recommend guest rooms with private open-air baths for those who seeking a truly relaxing hot spring trip. Escape from the world and kick back in a traditional-style bath.

Hakone special travel plans

Numerous limited time, destination-specific discount plans are available. Enjoy traveling in Hakone at an affordable price.

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