Odakyu Hakone“Summer Memories” Coupon June 1, 2017 → Septenber 30, 2017 Enjoy your trip around Hakone with discount coupons! See, eat, and enjoy things with discounts for a total of 85 facilities and means of transportation. There is also the Odakyu Hakone “Stamp Rally”! Collect the required stamps and receive a special set of two clear folders with manga characters by FUJIKO・F・FUJIO! Use trains and buses and make it an environmentally-friendly trip for the nature around Hakone. Take advantage of the Hakone Freepass and enjoy a fun eco-trip.

Odakyu Hakone “Summer Memories” Coupon

Receive a complimentary Hakone Coupon Book with any purchase of a Hakone Freepass or an Odakyu Romancecar limited express ticket.

Great Savings and Bonuses with the Hakone Coupon Book

Coupons in the coupon book entitle you to discounts or bonuses at more than 85 facilities including art museums, hot springs (onsen), restaurants and hotels. Also good for discounts on food and beverages sold aboard the Romancecar.

Coupons can be used at facilities displaying this sign.

How to Get the Hakone Coupon Book

With purchase of any of the products or use of limited express tickets listed below during the period.

  • ・Hakone Freepass or Odakyu Romancecar limited express ticket (*1, *2)
  • ・Hakone Freepass or an accommodation package that includes an Odakyu Romancecar limited express ticket (*2)
  • *1. If buying from a vending machine at any station on the Odakyu Line, please ask station staff for a coupon book.
  • *2. If buying a Romancecar limited express ticket to Odawara or Hakone-Yumoto

Available at

Counters at Odakyu Line stations, Odakyu Travel Agency business locations, and major travel agencies (JTB, Nippon Travel Agency, and KNT) Note: some travel agency may require you a handling fee. Please consult to your travel agency for details.

Available period

Until Saturday, September 30, 2017
* Offer ends when the supply is sold out.


From Thursday, June 1, 2017
To Saturday, Septemer 30, 2017

Make your trip more affordable with Hakone Freepass for unlimited rides on all participating transportation services!

Hakone Freepass is a useful tour ticket for visiting touristic sights in Hakone. It comes with a set of Odakyu and other railway tickets, as well as tickets for unlimited rides within designated areas. With this pass you will not need to worry about buying various tickets. We recommend you using Hakone Freepass for a convenient and efficient trip from Tokyo (Shinjuku) to tourist sights in Hakone.

Information about Hakone Freepass

We look forward to seeing you at the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center, Shinjuku.

Located at the West Exit of Shinjuku Station, the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center offers travel and transportation information for Hakone, Enoshima, Ito and other fun destinations. It also distributes valuable Freepasses and coupons.
Be sure to stop by before your next adventure!
Use the all-you-can-ride, coupon-packed Freepass to make your trip an even better value!

Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center

Created just for foreign tourists, the Center is staffed with English, Chinese and Korean speakers, and in addition to giving tourist and transportation information, sells Limited Express Romancecar tickets, Freepasses and more.

  • 03-5321-7887
  • 03-5321-7886
Information on the Sightseeing Service Center
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