Special Sightseeing Passes

Hakone Navi recommendsthe Hakone Freepass on your trip

Day 2

Odakyu Shinjuku Station
Limited Express "Romancecar"

Take the Romancecar!

*Riding the Limited Express "Romancecar" costs an additional ¥890 with the Hakone Freepass.

The convenient Hakone Freepass allows unlimited use of 8 types of transportation in Hakone. Many discounts at sightseeing destinations are also available, making souvenir shopping and discovering new places even more fun!

Special Deal3

Hakone Freepass

A ticket that gives you unlimited access to 8 types of transportation in Hakone. Also provides discounts at about 50 locations in Hakone, so the more you see, the more you save.

Hakone Freepass details here

Arrive at Hakone-Yumoto Stationin 85 min.

Hakone-Yumoto Station
Bus stop near Hakone-Yumoto Station

⋆You can use the odakyu Free Wi-Fi service at most train stations and ports in Hakone.

First, take the Hakone Tozan Bus to Lake Ashi!
Arrive at Moto-Hakone Port !

Moto-Hakone Port

Wow, Mt. Fuji looks just likeit does in the brochures!Everyone get together for a photo!

Hakone-machi Port

Next, eat at Hotoriya,a new facility that opened in January 2016!

Basic information

Hotoriya, a commercial facility with a cafe and souvenir shops located in Hakone-machi Port on Lake Ashi

Hotoriya, a commercial facility with a cafe and souvenir shops located in Hakone-machi Port on Lake Ashi, is designed in the style of “Honjin” Hakone lodgings, where samurai would rest during their obligatory service working at the Hakone Sekisho, an important checkpoint for the Tokugawa Shogun in the Edo Period . Hotoriya is designed in a “Japanese modern” style, a sophisticated take on traditional Japanese interior design. Hotoriya offers guests rest and relaxation from sightseeing in Hakone while stimulating their senses and rejuvenating their energy.

The first floor contains the souvenir shop Hakone Hyakuwa, which offers a wide selection of gifts unique to Hakone and Odawara. It sits next to long-standing shops from the Odawara District and has the feel of a town where stationed samurai once stayed with an open vaulted ceiling. Visitors can stroll through the garden on the lake side of the first floor and enjoy plants and flowers highlighting the four seasons.
At Cafe KOMON on the second floor, visitors can relax and enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji while selecting food and drinks from its original menu, including specially made pancakes and sweet dumplings (dango). Don’t forget to try the Hotoriya Coffee, the house coffee brewed from a special blend of select coffee beans.

Hakone Sightseeing Cruise

Cruising on Lake Ashiis fantastic!

Special Deal4

Basic information

The Hakone Sightseeing Cruise operates 3 different ships. Each one has unique features for a memorable cruise on Lake Ashi.

Royal II



Hakone Sightseeing Cruise attractions!

About the ships

Find out lots of interesting information about the ships and view the photo gallery.

Staff recommendations!

Find out fun things and recommendations only the staff know about!

Original merchandise

Original Hakone Sightseeing Cruise merchandise makes great souvenirs!

Change transportationat Togendai Port!

Hakone Ropeway

What amazing views!
You can see Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji in all their beauty.
And the steam coming out of the ground at Owakudani is amazing too!

Basic information

The Hakone Ropeway uses 18-person gondolas to travel between stations approx. 1-min apart.
It takes about 24 min. to travel between Sounzan Station and Togendai Station.

Change transportationat Sounzan Station!!

Hakone Tozan Cable Car
& Hakone Tozan Train

Mt. Myojogatake—and the kanji character “大” burned on its top each year at a festival—can be seen from the front of the Hakone Tozan Cable Car!

Basic information

Hakone Tozan Cable Car

It takes about 9 min. to get from Sounzan Station to Gora Station.
The train cars were made by the Swiss company Gangloff.
These were the first air-conditioned cable cars in Japan.
The Hakone Tozan Cable Car has two train cars, which you can walk between inside.
Their sloped design with steps on the inside makes them unique.

Take a trip by mountain train on the Hakone Tozan Train!
The switchbacks are fun!

Basic information

Hakone Tozan Train

Connects Hakone-Yumoto Station and Gora Station in about 40 min.
The first real mountain train in Japan is famous for using switchbacks to get up and down the mountains of Hakone, with some new-model train cars operating as well.

3 min. by free shuttle bus

Hakone Yuryo

The last stop is a soak in a private open-air bath at a Hakone hot springs resort,followed by a traditional Japanese meal of local foods from the mountains!

Basic information

Hakone Yuryo

One of the largest day hot springs resorts in the Tokyo area with 19 private open-air baths, large men’s and women’s baths, meals cooked over a sunken fireplace, and relaxation facilities. You can also enjoy the restaurant and relaxation facilities without using the baths.
About 3 min. by free shuttle bus from Hakone-Yumoto Station (service daily)

Easy return to Shinjukuon the Limited Express "Romancecar"

Hakone is fun!
Let’s come again!